July 03, 2006

srivastanaya oooohhmmm chani vastana

okay. so i have no idea what the gobbledygook up above means. but it sounds very much akin to what bf and i heard for almost two hours yesterday morning, when we meandered over to our second bikram yoga class. after weeks and months of running and biking and traveling around, and both of us feeling slightly burnt out at work, we decided to do a more calming activity.

bikram yoga isn't like most normal yoga. the room is set at 100 degrees. within 5 minutes, you're dripping in sweat, even if you're someone like me who usually doesn't sweat all that much (even after my 1/2 marathon, i was still relatively dry). it's so hot that the heat hits you like a wall when you walk in, and you feel parched to your core.

the amazing thing about it, however, is that you can do some seriously crazy sh*t. take for example, my one-legged tree. i was able to stand on one leg, grasp my hands around my other foot, and extend it out directly in front of me. you hold this pose for about 20 seconds. or the twisting rose pose, where my arms and legs were each separately entwined with each other and i was crouching 12" off the ground, on my toes. it's pretty amazing , given that i sometimes can't even touch my toes after a long run. it's even more amazing how incredibly sore i am. even with all the running, biking, weightlifting, or whatever i do, i feel like i got my ass seriously kicked by that class.

verdict: 4 out of 5 stars. will go again. except with more water and more towels. not recommended for the obsessively compulsively clean who do not like to sweat and/or be stinky. is especially enjoyable if you are next to bf who makes all sorts of grimacing-constipation-like faces in his exertion to be a perfect standing tree.

Posted by redchilipepper at July 3, 2006 01:18 PM
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i'm stoked for the bike session

Posted by: jerry81 at July 5, 2006 03:03 PM