September 16, 2002

i think i'm going to

i think i'm going to be sick. we took a new technical specialist here out to lunch and i got so sick. i think.. i think i don't like todd english. i also think that i don't like goat cheese either. it's too acerbic. makes me sick. so i have discovered that i get headaches when i eat food that's too rich. i don't have the ability to digest fat properly. i need to remember that. like i remember how coffee makes me really sick. but then again, i drink coffee anyhow. so maybe that's not a good example to compare to.

so anyhow, this weekend was nuts. momo and beckfat and i went to see blue crush. which, btw, is an oddly satisfying movie. it's pretty predictable, the acting is, at times, ridiculous, the plot is pretty thin, and yes, there are women in bikinis but not as much as you'd think, and yet the movie is really enjoyable. we pretty much laughed through the whole thing. though i'm not sure why. i think i've turned pretty stupid, but it was very satisfying. and then on saturday, momo and i went to see the redsox vs. orioles and let me tell you, they played quite a game. manny ramirez hit two home runs, and they played a spotless game. except that we were sitting next to two people who were kinda stinky. ask momo about it. he'll tell you about how the smell was bad enough to kill cows. he'll even make the sound of a dying cow. he does that well.

and then i studied for the rest of the weekend. lsats. and then slept. very tired. talked to boy for two hours on saturday night. except that halfway through, i got really drunk on 1, yes 1, cider jack. and he was laughing at me the entire time because i probably said some really ridiculous things. and then i called goonley who laughed at me some more because he has seen me drunk off of less. okay. so this is a very spastic entry.

other than that, i'm doing really well. kinda busy at work. this is a pointless entry other to remind you all that i'm a nut.

Posted by redchilipepper at September 16, 2002 12:38 PM