September 06, 2002

today's an exciting day -

today's an exciting day - it's absolutely beautiful outside. i love this weather - when it's still sunny but a little chilly in the morning and evenings. when you wake up, and the sun peaks through your window and the grass is covered in dew. fall is my favorite season of the year. i especially love it when the leaves begin to change color, bringing forth a plethora of shades.

oh! today is also a good day because i get a new office =). wahoo!

ooh. gre words. i wrote an essay the other day and in it, i had the words diaphanous, curmudgeonly, and vindicated. that scared me. right so my gres are tomorrow noon. i'm pretty excited for them, because i've been testing extremely well on the practice exams i've been taking. i'll be so glad to have one of my exams done. note i said one. lsats are still in a month. and then after that, it's on to applications. sigh.. at least the painful law school essay is finished! yay! trumpeter sound!

so i'm still thinking.. where should i go in november? hawaii to my aunt's orchid plantation? or to france? i'm in the mood for some croissants, methinks. we'll see =).

Posted by redchilipepper at September 6, 2002 09:32 AM