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Lausanne mourns

A front page article for the New York Times: the death back in July of John Stott, "one of the world’s most influential figures in the spread of evangelical Christianity over the past half-century".

Though less known in the United States and hardly a household name outside the evangelical sphere, Mr. Stott, an author, preacher and theologian, was often compared to the Rev. Billy Graham, his American contemporary.

Op-Ed columnist Nicholas Kristof:

This compassionate strain of evangelicalism was powerfully shaped by the Rev. John Stott, a gentle British scholar who had far more impact on Christianity than [American] media stars like Mr. Robertson or Mr. Falwell. Mr. Stott, who died a few days ago at the age of 90, was named one of the globe’s 100 most influential people by Time, and in stature he was sometimes described as the equivalent of the pope among the world’s evangelicals.

John Stott Has Died | Christianity Today

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