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And Somebody Has Falafel

Back in the 1950s...

Popular songs claiming falafel as an exclusive Israeli provenance, like And We Have Falafel, are composed, while falafel restaurants - reconstructed in Arab street-vendor fashion - are mapped across the state.

The invention and ownership of falafel is a Levantine conflict between Israeli, Palestinian, and Lebanese. Peace efforts are underway for hummus.


Israel's branding of falafel persists, both locally and internationally, from popular postcards labelling falafel "Israel's national snack" to McDonald's recently 'Israelised' menu that includes a kosher McFalafel sandwich.

A documentary about falafel by a Palestine and an Israeli filmaker -- "Falafel Road is a sequence of conversations provoked by the initial question of whether Israel appropriated falafel, and almost all segue into a debate on the questions of Palestine and Zionism" -- ironically is attacked for breaking the "cultural boycott" of Israel.

Can peace be made for falafel?

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