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February 24, 2006

taking an opportunity to write...

even if it's only because i got sick and couldn't (shouldn't) go to school.

this is the first time i got sick this semester and i had mild concerns that this will be the beginning of my marathon of sickness (like last semester, when i was getting sick every week for the last 4-5 weeks). but i don't think it's the case this time. from what i can tell, i was germ bombed by sick art students. there were at least 5-6 sick people in each class i had these last few days.

to just sum things up, i've been insanely busy since school started. i've been averaging about 4-6 hours of sleep a day, typically leaning towards 4 or 5 hours of sleep. i'm taking the intermediate project (painting) class and the intermediate animation class (character animation, all the time). i'm also sitting in on john's perspective classes and sheldon's figure drawing classes (though i've missed more of these than attended).

i'd finally decided yesterday that i couldn't handle sleeping much later than 1am anymore and that i was going to stop whatever i was doing at 12am and get ready for sleep... but then i got sick instead. i guess my body was trying to tell me that i had the right idea, but was taking too long about it.

anyway... i've basically been too busy to write. i spend my days attending classes, painting, animating, revising, wasting time looking up books on the internet, borrowing books from the library, etc etc.

last weekend, i went to the steinhart aquarium and the aquarium of the bay at pier 39 in SF to do some research for the final project of my painting class. we also went to the crab house and had awesome crab chowder, crab cioppino and killer crab ( dungeness crab roasted in their secret garlic sauce). of the three, i liked the crab cioppino the most. the tomato sauce actually complemented the crab rather than overpowering it. it also kept the meat very moist and sweet.

this weekend, i'll be in monterey with friends, doing more research--taking reference photos and sketching the various species i'll have in my final composition. i just hope that i'll be able to recover from my cold fast enough to get my animation test revisions done on time as well, since i was supposed to do that yesterday and today... but can't now because i'm sick.