May 26, 2007

still in town

no family trip, no Paris. had to cancel both because of the car accident.

see you around.

May 11, 2007

short post about accident - status report

i was rearended on 280 tuesday morning. i'm sore all over (arms, legs, back, neck, wrist hands) and my forearms and fingers tingle a little. i just went to the doctor, they gave me a few exercises to do and a prescription for physical therapy. they also took x-rays of my neck in case of any neural damage. he didn't want to give me any muscle relaxants yet, because he knew i was a student with finals approaching.

i haven't really blogged about it because well...typing goes against that whole tingly fingers thing. :P

my parents want to get a lawyer to just handle all the details because there will be a lot and to not incur any unwarranted costs because i did something in the wrong way or something. i'm still not sure what to do.

i've basically been just handling it so far with the AAA adjustor. this morning he said he'd open a medical claim and that another adjustor would be handling that portion and would call me about that. i haven't heard anything yet.

the idea of a lawyer is seeming more and more enticing, as there seems to be more details i need to pay attention to. and besides, i still have finals and my paris class to prepare for.

where does one even find lawyers anyway?

May 04, 2007

some interesting book readings for this week:

DANIEL HANDLER, aka LEMONY SNICKET. May 8, 7:30 p.m. History Corner (Bldg. 200), Room 002 (basement), Stanford University. (650) 725-2650.

MICHAEL CHABON, author of THE YIDDISH POLICEMEN'S UNION. May 11, 7:30 PM. Barnes & Noble Booksellers, 3600 Stevens Creek Blvd, San Jose. 408-984-3495.

April 02, 2007

what house do you belong to?

i'm sort of a closet harry potter geek (or so i believe). i take great pleasure in many things harry potter, though i try to keep my addictions in check. however, while i was in london, there were questions of what house i belonged to... apparently, someone had started a house list in the animation lab, showing who belonged to which house. so of course i had to take the test, right?

some of the following quizzes had snazzy graphics and such to post on your blog, but as i was using someone else's laptop at the time, i didn't want to take too much time posting. so the following are stripped down to links and results. :)

update: i started retaking these tests in the comfort of my own home while i was sick. i felt inspired while rewatching harry potter and the sorcerer's stone. :) anyway, that's what the numbers (#1 and #2) are for.

Find Your Hogwarts House: The Harry Potter Sorting Hat Personality Test
1st time: 98 hufflepuff, 88 ravenclaw, 78 gryffindor, 14 slytherin
2nd time: 84 ravenclaw, 78 gryffindor, 77 hufflepuff, 52 slytherin
(haha... i must have not cared about people as much the second time around :D)

someone pointed out that the results were too close to be certain, and that i should take at least two more tests. also, i got the impression that this test was too gameable.

Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz
#1: ravenclaw
#2: ravenclaw (in detail: 15 ravenclaw, 12 gryffindor, 11 hufflepuff, 6 slytherin)

but i'd been told to take at least two more. and besides, this test just didn't feel very... er... scientific. :D so...

OKCupid! The Hogwarts House Placement Test
#1: 56 gryffindor, 28 ravenclaw, 32 hufflepuff, 8 slytherin
#2: 48 gryffindor, 20 ravenclaw, 20 hufflepuff, 14 slytherin

now it was really confusing. the two tests i was supposed to take to clarify actually confused things more. i was told to take three more tests.

What's your Hogwarts House? A SelectSmart.comŽ Selector
in order: hufflepuff, ravenclaw, gryffindor, slytherin
#2: gryffindor, ravenclaw, hufflepuff, slytherin

that just put me back to the first test. so unhelpful. besides, i was supposed to take three more...

Title: Your Hogwarts House (Harry Potter)
#1: gryffindor
#2: ravenclaw

it may have been at this point that i started to notice a pattern in what kind of questions were biasing me more towards one house than another for the different houses. i don't really want to bias anyone here, so i will keep my theories to myself. well... people can ask me about them later, i guess. :D

The Hogwarts Sorting Hat
#1: hufflepuff
#2: gryffindor

clearly, the additional three tests didn't do much clarifying. so... i added a few more on my own.

OKCupid! The Hogwarts House Placement Test (a different test)
You scored 38 Gryffindor, 34 Ravenclaw, 24 Hufflepuff, and 10 Slytherin!
gryffindor! 20% Slytherin, 20% Ravenclaw, 64% Gryffindor, and 28% Hufflepuff!
or squib! 20% Slytherin, 40% Ravenclaw, 44% Gryffindor, and 28% Hufflepuff!

Quiz! Which Hogwarts' House Do You Belong In?
#1: gryffindor
#2: gryffindor

Get Sorted at
#1: gryffindor
#2: gryffindor

so having gotten three straight gryffindors, and intuitively feeling that i wasn't really ravenclaw or hufflepuff (and clearly not slytherin)....


so my saga ends. :D what are you?

incidentally, it seems like most people in my program are hufflepuffs. there are a few ravenclaws and even fewer gryffindors. with slytherin being rare. at least two of the four lead instructors are hufflepuffs. i have a fledgling theory that this has a strong influence on how the program is. :D

update cont.: some new tests...

Wizarding World - Virtual Sorting Hat

A Genuine Sorting Hat Quiz - Quizilla
Ravenclaw. Logical and dedicated to learning, you sometimes forget the smaller things in life.

Hogwarts Sorting Hat (OKCupid!)

it's pretty clear that i'm gryffindor, with ravenclaw as a strong second. though, i pause at gryffindor's maroon and gold colors. ravenclaw is blue and bronze...

everyone knows that blue and gold are the best colors, anyway. :D (maybe that's why i keep getting ravenclaw and gryffindor ;D)

go bears!

February 08, 2007

spring 2007 schedule and 2007 travel plans (so far)

animated film (we bombed in baghdad) production:
M 900-1130

writing poetry:
TuTh 300-415

reconstructing lost civilizations:
Th 600-845

finishing my incomplete tidepool project to prevent an F.

optional things to sit in on:
ACME transmissions:
Th 1130-130

F 930-1230

workshops with professionals:
S 1000-100?

travel plans:
London: 3/20-3/29
Montreal: ? around 4/30-5/3
grandparents' 90th birthday, Ohio: ? around 5/26
Paris, France: 6/1-6/30
SDCC: ? around 7/25-7/29
friend's wedding, location TBA: 7/28
Korea: ? my family never plans anything in advance

February 07, 2007

Ragni's Debut Album

I stumbled upon their debut CD on one of my many art blogs that I scan through. I'd actually got their CD because of the storybook that accompanies it but I was very pleasantly surprised by the music as well. My mentality at the time was that the booklet was worth the piddly 12.99 + s/h. Turns out the music is actually very relaxing and meditative (ignore the miscategorization under iTunes as "metal").

And they're very nice. They emailed me to see that I got the CD ok and pretty much told me share the music with people. And they want to keep in touch. They make it clear that this was a project borne of love. It's very sweet. :)

I strongly suggest at least checking them out. And you know I'm generally really crummy about writing reviews about anything. :D

A better review, sample pages and links can be found on:
Drawn! The Illustration and Cartooning Blog: Ragni

the band's website:

the guy who did the artwork for the graphic novel:
Karl Kerschl

February 06, 2007

fear (examination in a moment of clarity)

i've had rent (the musical) songs going through my mind lately. "the tango maureen" "would you light my candle" etc. as usual, in my ADD way, snippets of different songs will meld together into the next -- an improvisational medley of the parts i actually know + best express my mood at the time.

these days the most frequent lines are:

"there's only us. there's only this. forget regret, or life is yours to miss."

"then why choose fear?"
"i'm a new yorker. fear's my life."

i'm no new yorker, but i'm an asian girl with a protestant background, which more than qualifies. in every major decision in my life, fear and potential regret have played major roles. i won't list the details just yet.

(more in extended)

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