April 14, 2006

Photos: 2006 Y-PLAN Tour


February 04, 2006

Photos: Monterey Bay Aquarium

We took a quick trip to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today - much fun. The photos pretty much set themselves up...

Monterey Bay Aquarium Photo Album


Photos: Exploratorium

The Exploratorium opened it's new exhibit, Reconsidered Materials, with an evening of live performances and multi-generational fun. In dim lighting, a thrumming d.j. and overwhelmed bar complemented art installations and adults at play amongst the Exploratorium's regular science exhibits.

Exploratorium Photo Album


January 25, 2006

Photographer Olivo Barbieri


An aqueduct on the periphery of Rome

Metropolis is running an article on Italian photographer Olivo Barbieri, an artist who manages to make urban aerials appear like models or animations of cities rather than real places. Thanks to BLDGBLOG and The Map Room for the links...

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December 06, 2005

Photos: Redwood City

Warning: 400 photos in this set and many of them are repetitive. Redwood City is not the most aesthetically appealing site (although, who can knock a beautiful Longs Drugs or Albertsons, really)... but it has provided plenty of opportunities for urban design studio projects.

UD studio, photographs, urban design

November 20, 2005

Photos: Crissy Field

This little girl in a white dress was fascinated by wet sand . . . Nothing like a Sunday at Crissy Field in SF. These are, per usual, basic urban design photos.

Crissy Field Photo Album


September 15, 2005

Photos: Oakland Zoo

Oakland Zoo Photo Album


Photos: Emeryville, CA, Urban Design(?)

Emeryville, the land of infill... Basic photos for recording urban design elements, including typical residential units, freeways, big box retail, and street sections...

Emeryville Photo Album

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July 26, 2005

Photos: Eaves Wedding

Chicago, July 16, 2005

Eaves Wedding Photo Album


June 07, 2005

Photos: Big Sur Hike

Two days and twenty miles later, I now have plenty of photos of trees. Trees, trees and more trees. Thanks to rcp for inviting us along!

Big Sur Photo Album


June 02, 2005

Photos: Grace Cathedral and Huntington Park

Begun in 1928, San Francisco's Grace Cathedral is the Bishop's seat of the Episcopal Diocese of California. Designed by architect Lewis Hobart, the cathedral's gothic-like towers rise 174 feet above street level, and the north tower houses a carillon of 44 bells. Although historical in style, the building is constructed of concrete and steel.

The cathedral is known for its two pedestrian labyrinths -- one on an indoor carpet and the other in terrazzo outside. The term labyrinth, however, seems a misnomer. Although both pathways wind in and around themselves to reach a central point, neither offers the pedestrian choice in direction; one can walk forward or backward, but not choose an alternate path.

Nearby Huntington Park serves as a decent vantage point for photographing the cathedral, while also boasting bikini clad sunbathers and sensual fountains in counterpoint to the looming church facade.

Grace Cathedral and Huntington Park Photo Album


May 28, 2005

Photos: Balboa Park

We arrived at the park at dusk, making it a little challenging to take photos without a tripod. Although not the best set of pictures, it was a good chance to play with light settings.

Balboa Park Photo Album


May 27, 2005

Photos: San Diego Wildlife Park

More animal photos from San Diego -- this time at the Wildlife Park outside the city. The Park's role as a breeding facility was clearly apparent during our visit; there were babies everywhere!

San Diego Wildlife Park Photo Album


May 25, 2005

Photos: San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is a privately owned, non-profit Zoological Society and was founded shortly after the opening of the Panama Canal in 1916.

San Diego Zoo Photo Album


May 16, 2005

Photos: Portola Redwoods

Portola Redwoods State Park is just up the road from Palo Alto.

Portola Redwoods Photo Album

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May 02, 2005

Photos: D'Errico and Antonelli Wedding

D'Errico and Antonelli Wedding Photo Album


Photos: Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park in Manhattan contains a variety of uses, including spaces for dogs, skaters, and children, along with ample seating.

Washington Square Park Photo Album

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April 18, 2005

Photos: Ireland, November 2004

These are backposted photos that have just been uploaded to flickr. A bit repetitive in terms of content: land, water, sky, and some potatoes.

Ireland, Nov. 2004 Photo Album


April 17, 2005

Photos: Pinnacles National Monument

Pinnacles National Monument is about 2 hours south of Mountain View via 101.

Pinnacles National Monument Photo Album

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April 12, 2005

Photos: Castro Valley

These are photos of basic housing types, the elementary school, several pre-schools, churches, and civic buildings. Castro Valley's parcel lines reflect the agricultural history of the locale -- early residents had thriving poultry farms. Today the deep lots provide opportunities for infill housing, and many already include in-law units or townhouses. Although the populace voted twice not to incorporate, Castro Valley was recently designated a redevelopment area in Alameda County and has hired an urban design consulting firm to develop a general plan.

Castro Valley Photo Album

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April 06, 2005

Photos: Plazas Tour - People

Photos of the Plazas Tour participants are posted under a private setting on flickr because some of the pictures include students. Flickr friends should be able to link to the set by clicking on the shot above.

Plazas Tour - People Photo Album

Plazas Tour with Walter Hood entry

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April 04, 2005

Photos: Mountain View Streetscape

In the 1980's, Mountain View began a push to create a pedestrian friendly downtown with an energetic retail/restaurant district. In the 1988 specific plan and in two updates since 2000, the city set forth guidelines and policies towards this end, including installing medians, trees, and wider sidewalks for traffic calming, instituting a strict facade design review for the "Historic Preservation Core" of the city, and creating a flexible parking system that can function as outdoor cafe space or diagonal slots.

Mountain View Streetscape Photo Album

CV studio, photographs (1)

Photos: Plazas Tour with Walter Hood

Our class ventured out on a plaza tour Saturday to gather images of different types of public spaces in the area, some more successful than others.

Notes for the extended entry are "under construction."

Plazas Tour Photo Album

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Photos: Frank Gehry's House

My recent trip to LA also included a drive by Frank Gehry's home in Santa Monica. Although the house is obviously different from its surrounding, it does blend fairly well with the neighborhood due to its massing, materials, and foliage.

Gehry's House Photo Album


Photos: The Getty

I had the chance to visit Richard Meier's Getty Center for the first time during a trip to LA the last weekend of March. The weather was perfect, and although I find Meier's constant shifting between surface materials a bit frantic, the complex was quite successful as an active public space filled with users.

The Getty Photo Album